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Johan Erikson has been in the diamond trade since 1974. He started his own business, Baguette Jewellers in 1980, and Erikson D.C.W in 1983. Since 1990 it is known as Erikson Group (pty) Ltd, selling jewellery wholesale and retail. He is an Internationally renowned diamond evaluator. He has 43 years experience in polishing, sorting and valuating diamonds of all sizes including plus 10.8 carats as well as fancy colors. He has 34 years experience as Managing Director of Erikson Diamond Cutting works (Pty) Ltd, in sorting, polishing and cutting of diamonds, selling and purchasing of rough and polished diamonds. He is also the owner of Erikson Diamond Cutting Works. He purchases and sells Nationally and Internationally.

He is a member of the Master Diamond Cutters Association, Jewellery Council, and the S.A. Jewellery Manufacturing Association.

He is the Founder and Managing Director of First Element DTC, which is a fully independant Diamond Services Company providing world class diamond services aimed at adding value to the entire chain from the daily recoveries recorded on the mines to the presentation of the diamonds on tender, thus optimizing the value of diamonds sold.

Johan Erikson is the owner of “Eriksons Diamond Mall” which encompasses the Diamond cutting works, designer jewellery manufacturing workshop, a retail outlet of jewellery and curios, First Element Trading Services and a coffee shop. He is also landlord to 21 independent businesses.

Johan Erikson was named Business Man of the year and the EG National Business of the year for service excellence for non listed companies in the open category.

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