Caring for your Diamonds

Caring for your Diamonds

With a liquid detergent:
Use any mild liquid detergent and prepare soapy mixture with about a cup of water. Place your jewellery in the suds. Brush lightly with a small brush. Rinse under warm running water and pat dry gently with a soft cloth.

With liquid ammonia:
Make a half-and-half solution of cold water and mix half a cup of household ammonia with half a cup of cold water. Soak your jewellery for 30 minutes. Brush gently with a small soft brush. Rinse your jewellery in the solution again. Leave to dry on soft paper.

With a commercial cleaner:
Use a liquid jewellery cleaner, available from most Jewellery shops, and follow the instructions. Chlorine bleach can, although it will not harm your diamond, discolour the mounting. So when you are doing housework, do not wear your diamond rings.

Storing your diamonds:

Store your diamond jewellery in a jewellery case next to one another. Diamonds can scratch each other. Let your jeweler check your jewellery once a year for loose settings and other signs of wear. Not only will he take preventative steps to ensure that you do not lose your valuable diamonds, he will also give your jewellery a professional clean .

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